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Ready for Christmas? Here’s why you should plan early

Ready for Christmas? Here’s why you should plan early

The last quarter of the year is upon us, and you know what that means - everyone is gearing up for the festive season. It's time to start thinking about the summer holidays, and more importantly, Christmas! While October may feel too early to get stuck into your Christmas planning, it's the perfect time to get the ball rolling. Everywhere around you, the world is slowly filling with the holiday spirit. Stores are installing their festive displays, packing the shelves with seasonal merchandise and slipping Boney M into their playlists. Have you started planning your December festivities? Keep reading to discover why you should get cracking. 


4 Reasons to start your Christmas prep in October

1. Decorations are in stock

Nothing puts a smile on your face faster than stepping into a house filled with festive decor. Cheery Santas, wintery snow globes, a wreath on the front door - glorious. The best thing about Christmas ornaments is you can never have too many. Never. There's always room for more. With decor appearing in stores from October, there's no better time to make sure you have everything you need to turn your home into a Christmas wonderland. And, if you shop early, you're guaranteed to find all the decor you want before stocks sell out. (Browse our Christmas Collection).

2. Great for the budget

As much as we all love Christmas, the festive season can put a strain on the purse strings. Gifts to buy, parties to go to, family to entertain - it's spend, spend, spend. However, if you start budgeting early and buy a few things each week in the months leading up to December, you won't have to fit all your expenses into one paycheck.

3. Simplify the gift buying process

Speaking of spending, it pays to start thinking about your Christmas shopping a few months early. Not only is this good for your budget, but you have plenty of time to make the most of your purchases online. After all, no one loves braving the crowds of last-minute shoppers frantically running around shopping centres in December. No, rather simplify the process and browse for gifts in the comfort of your own home. Online shopping is quick, easy and hassle-free, but you must shop early to allow for delivery time. 

4. Reduce last-minute stress

The festive season is all fun and games, but if your home is the place where everyone congregates, it can raise the stress levels. A lot of planning goes into having the family over for Christmas lunch. There's a menu to create, food to cook, decorations to put up, and it gets a bit much if left until the last minute. Starting early allows plenty of time to get the house ready, stock the pantry and put a solid plan of action into place. If you draw up a checklist now and start ticking off as much as you can leading up to December, you'll be able to relax and enjoy the festivities along with the rest of the family.


Are you feeling inspired to get cracking with your Christmas planning? We hope so. And if you're hosting this year's family gathering, take a peek at our seasonal decor. We have a range of Christmas favourites in stock.