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How to style your Christmas tree decorations like a pro

How to style your Christmas tree decorations like a pro

Are you counting down the days until Christmas? There's nothing more exciting than bringing all the decorations out of storage and transforming the house into a festive wonderland. Wreaths on the doors, Santas and snowmen on the shelves, holly and red berries everywhere - glorious. Best of all, the centre of attention, a striking Christmas tree. Do you know how to style your Christmas tree decorations like a pro? You will. 

Putting up your Christmas tree decorations in 7 easy steps

Step 1: Invest in a quality artificial tree

You can't have Christmas tree decorations without, of course, a tree. An artificial tree offers years of use (if you treat and store it correctly) - a definite money saver. When choosing your tree, look for one that provides a sturdy base for your decorations. The higher quality your tree, the longer it will last - so spending a little extra is worth it in the long run. We stock a gorgeous selection of artificial Christmas trees (browse our Christmas range).

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Step 2: Select a spot and fluff your branches

Now that you've found the perfect tree, it's time to set it up. First things first, find the right location. Choose a spot that's visible but not in the way. You don't want your kids or pets knocking over your festive display. Also, ensure your prime location has a plug socket nearby to avoid having any wires running across the floor - a definite tripping hazard. Once you've got your positioning just right, prepare your branches for the Christmas tree decorations. Starting from the bottom, spread out the branches, straightening any bent tips and filling the visible gaps. Ideally, you want your tree to appear full and evenly balanced.

Step 3: Pick a theme

You're almost ready to start hanging your Christmas tree decorations, but before you do, decide on a theme. There's a fine line between a higgledy-piggledy mess of ornaments and a classy looking tree. Planning your decor around a central theme will help tie the whole look together. Going in with a clear idea will also help you decide which decorations to use. You can let your creativity run wild when it comes to your Christmas decor - from a white Christmas to traditional tartan, the options are endless. Once you've decided, you're ready to get stuck in. 

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Step 4: Let there be light

Before you dive into your box of Christmas tree decorations, hang your lights. Trying to string your tree with twinkling lights after you've added all the decorations is an impossible task. Starting from the bottom, wrap your lights around the base of your tree and evenly wind your way upwards. Weave your lights over and under the branches, going all the way to the top and then back down again if you haven't reached the end of the string. To give your tree depth and a beautiful illuminating glow, position your lights slightly inwards, towards the centre of your tree.

Step 5: Wrap your tree with ribbons

Next, add texture to your tree with garlands, ribbons and bows. Use different types to avoid making your tree look too busy, and opt for varying widths and materials. Here, unlike your lighting, you should start from the top and work your way down - always keeping an even balance with your spacing.

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Step 6: Hang your Christmas tree decorations

The time has come to adorn your branches with Christmas tree decorations. A variety of shapes and sizes, from traditional baubles to one-of-a-kind ornaments will ensure the finished product is dynamic and captivating. When placing your decorations, start with bigger baubles and your favourite ornaments before filling in the gaps with smaller items. Make sure to space your decorations evenly around the tree, being careful to avoid a heavy cluster in one area. To further create a sense of depth, try placing some ornaments closer to the trunk and some towards the ends of the branches. Throughout the process, take the time to step back and scrutinise your handiwork to ensure your tree looks balanced. Don't be afraid to leave off some ornaments if they don't suit your theme - you can always use them next year.

Step 7: Top it off with something spectacular

Finally, once you've filled the branches with festive cheer, it's time to add the cherry on top. If you're going the more traditional route, you can finish off your tree with an angel or a star. But, if neither of these suits your style, there are plenty of other options, such as snowflakes, fairies, Santas - the list is endless. You can make your own too, if you're feeling crafty. 

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