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Easter decorations for an eggcellent family celebration

Easter decorations for an eggcellent family celebration

Easter is a time when families travel from far and wide to reunite and celebrate with a large roast lunch or dinner. Are you planning a big family event this Easter? If so, doing up your home with Easter decorations can make it all the more memorable. And luckily for you, we have plenty to choose from to make your event extra special – table decor, hanging ornaments, ceramic figurines – you name it, we’ve got it. Explore our Easter range

easter decorations

Easter decorations for every nook and cranny:

Table decor

Every Easter event needs a table or two, and if it’s a big family reunion, possibly a few. Easter decorations can elevate your set tables, making mealtime a photo-worthy and festive moment. Need some ideas to spruce up the setting? Consider delicate detailing that looks beautiful without affecting conversation across the table. We love decorative themed plates for table decor. You can place them on runners in the centre of your dining room table, and fill them with candles or little chocolate eggs for family members to pinch before dinner. Porcelain rabbit figurines can be very effective in table settings too. We particularly love ones that can hold a little tea candle – because a little mood lighting never hurt anyone, right?

Home decor

Placing Easter decorations around your home can add even more charm to your living space during family events, with novelty bunnies and colourful eggs spurring conversation with your guests. You can place ornamental statues and figurines in room corners, and place them near your fireplace. And if you have side tables and coffee tables, use these as pedestals for some of your favourite Easter pieces. Children will love a big, colourful display, while adults will possibly notice and appreciate the finer details. So go on, give your loved ones something to look at and talk about this Easter. If you pick some of our decor pieces, we know there will be smiles all round!

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Indoor plant decor

When decorating your home with Easter decorations, don’t forget about your indoor plants! Give them some festive flair by adding a few hanging decorations from their leaves and branches. If you have potted shrubs like ficus plants and aloes, those are great for decorating. You can hang ornamental eggs, bunnies, and even some quirky themed decorations should you feel the urge. It’s all up to you.

Garden decor

Tea time is an important part of Easter Sunday. We’re sure you will agree! When your guests meander out onto your patio with tea and cake in hand, it will be lovely for them to see a few grass bunnies sitting on your lawn. You can even get creative and tell a little story by placing a few of them hidden in and around your garden.

easter decorations

Turn your home into an Easter extravaganza

If you’ve got the whole family coming over this Easter, why not wow them with a little extra effort in the decor department? We’ve got the beautiful Easter decorations you need to turn your house into a home fit for an Easter bunny.